FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions with answers to our QR code generator.

Subject QR-codes:

A QR code (short for: Quick Response) is a good way to pack and share a lot of information.

The QR-Code consists of square white and black dots representing the binary data. The three corners of a QR code are used as orientation and indicate where up and down are. The usage of a QR code is free of license.

To read QR codes you need a camera with a connection to the internet and an appropriate software for reading the code. Usually you get a suitable app for almost every smartphone in your app store. Just search for "QR scanner".

A dynamic QR code, (usually shorter) URL will be generated for the target URL on the QR.net server. If the QR code is scanned, the URL is technically called first on the QR server and then the user is forwarded to the actual destination URL. This is the only way the call of the QR code can be recorded and evaluated in a statistic.

Yes, all created QR codes on QR.net may be used commercially and privately. We recommend commercial users the chargeable premium membership for €99.00 per year.

Basically, there are no restrictions on the number of views and the type of use, except that you can not apply QR codes and target URLs from QR.net through spam and the stored web pages must comply with the law (no phishing, no inappropriate contents, no copyright infringement etc).

Your created QR codes are valid as long as their membership is active. You can test our service for free for 6 weeks and invest your own QR codes up to 10. To use the service apart from the time, you have to conclude a paid premium membership for €99.00 per year.

Yes, this is the great advantage of our service: You can change the target URL of an already generated QR code subsequently. You get access data to your email address with which you can make changes and track your stats.

Your QR-Code can easily be printed with most printing methods. Make sure that the contrast from the background to your QR-Code is as high as possible so that the code is easy to recognized. Should this not be the case there may be problems during the scan. You can also color the generated QR code by using a graphics program, but make sure that the code color stands out from the background color.

At the size of a QR code there are no limits as long as the reader can analyze the whole picture. But consider that you can badly scan a whole poster with a smartphone if you stand directly in the front of it.

If you have decided how and where you want to print and spread your code, note the focus of the print. Especially in textiles you should possibly customize a test print and test this with your smartphone. QR codes can be printed for example on:


  • Hats
  • T-Shirts
  • Sweater
  • Cover
  • Cushions
  • Shoes


  • Pens
  • Keychain
  • Roll up banners
  • Cups
  • Stamp
  • Billboards
  • Buttons
  • Mousepads
  • Bottles

Print media:

  • Calendar
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper ads
  • Flyer
  • Brochures
  • Sticker
  • Business cards
  • Packaging

For creatives:

  • Sugar cubes
  • Permanent or temporary tattoos
  • Cufflinks
  • Cookies

With a bookmarklet you can generate QR codes with a few clicks. The bookmarklet is set in your bookmarks bar and is available from the moment at all times.

As soon as you are on a desired website and want to generate a QR code for this, you just have to click your bookmarklet in the bookmarks bar and the QR code for the desired website is displayed directly.

Subject premium membership:

As premium member you can generate dynamic QR codes up to 1,000. Additionally, you can custom individual short URLs for your QR code in the format https://qr.net/yourKeyword. You also obtain other functions such as API access.

The premium membership costs €99.00 per year (including VAT). You can easily and automatically pay via Paypal and will be released immediately after successful payment for 1 year. You have no notice period and commitment period: Your membership expires after one year automatically unless you prolong not running for another year.

With the API, you can create QR codes automatically as premium member. Your server queries to our server API and gets returned as a response to the QR code. This makes sense when you generate automatically regular new QR codes.

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