Read QR-Code - how does it function?

A QR-Code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read using a smartphone camera or a QR-Code scanner. The QR-Code contains information in its black and white fields that can be read by a QR-Code reader program.

How can I read this information?
  • To read a QR-Code, you first need a smartphone with a camera or a QR-Code scanner. There are also QR-Code scanner apps that can be installed on your smartphone. Once you have such an app installed, you can simply scan the QR-Code with the smartphone’s camera. The app will automatically recognize and read the QR-Code.
  • Alternatively, you can use a QR-Code scanner, which is available either as a stand-alone device or as an additional accessory for a computer. These devices are usually a bit more expensive than QR-Code scanner apps, but they also usually offer faster scanning speed and accuracy.

Once the QR-Code is successfully read, the QR-Code reader app will decode and display the information it contains. This information can be, for example, a text, a link to a website or a contact information.

Application areas

Typically, QR-Codes are used on posters, flyers or in magazines to provide users with additional information quickly and easily. However, they can also be placed on product packaging, tickets or in museums.

There are also QR-Codes that are used to access protected areas, such as closed events or special areas in museums. In such cases, the QR-Code must be activated before it can be scanned.

Overall, QR-Codes provide a quick and convenient way to obtain additional information or gain access to protected areas. All you need is a smartphone with a camera or a QR-Code scanner and a QR-Code.

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