Is a QR-Code free of charge?

When a QR-Code is created for the first time, it is usually not given much thought, but sooner or later the question arises: is my QR-Code actually permanently free of charge? Or do I have to pay fees for using it? And how can I cancel it if I don’t want any costs?

First of all, a distinction has to be made between static and dynamic QR-Codes.  Static QR-Codes can usually be created free of charge and also remain free of charge. They are valid for an unlimited time and are cost free.

Dynamic QR-Codes, on the other hand, are generally available for a fee. They can usually also be created free of charge, but only for a limited period of the trial period. Afterwards, the validity must be extended by paying a fee if the QR-Code should continue to be used. This involves monthly or annual costs that are always incurred. Of course, the costs vary from provider to provider and also depend on the number of QR-Codes that should remain active. But you don’t have to reckon with huge sums: at QR, for example, the starter package costs only 1€ per month (with annual payment). 

You can cancel the tariff simply by sending a short e-mail to the provider, asking them to deactivate the account. Without your clear authorisation, the provider is not allowed to charge you for the service anyway.

Now, many people probably ask themselves why static QR-Codes are free of charge, while dynamic ones are not.

This is mainly because a dynamic one offers significantly more functions and is modifiable. In addition, most static generators do not have proper support, while dynamic ones often have a whole team behind them to offer the user the best possible and error-free experience and to be quickly available in case of problems. 

Here you can find more information about dynamic QR-Codes and their comparison to static ones.

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