QR-Code for cars - Application example

In addition to the classic uses of QR-Codes for linking websites, contact or product information, there are also more original and modern applications. One of these is the QR-Code for cars.


What is the QR-Code used for?

The QR-Code for cars is used to enable other people to contact you. For example, if another road user has accidentally damaged your vehicle, they can contact you quickly and easily. But this function is also very useful if another person wants to inform you about something. For example that your window is open or the handbrake has come off. 

In addition, residents or companies can contact you if you are blocking the driveway/road with your vehicle or are parking in a prohibited zone.


How does it work?

You create a QR-Code, which you then place as a sticker on the inside of your windscreen or on another window of your car. People who want to contact you only have to scan the QR-Code with their smartphone. This opens a platform on which the person can select a reason for contact and compose and send a message for you. You receive this message in real time via e-mail or even SMS and can react instantly. The stranger will not be shown your mobile phone number, your email address or any other personal data.


Where can I create a QR-Code for my car

A leading provider of this service is „hiddencontact“. There, you can order the QR-Codes directly on the website as stickers for your car. As soon as you receive your order, you can set up the QR-Codes directly by simply scanning them and configuring them for your car. 

Find out more about the hiddencontact offer here.


Alternatively, you can simply create a QR-Code that calls up the e-mail programme when scanned. This way, you can receive emails directly via the scan in which the problem is described by the other person.


Create your own QR-Code to receive mails with our QR-Code-Generator here

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