QR-Code doorbell

Who has not experienced the following problem: the doorbell rings just when you are taking a shower or the food is on the cooker. Or in short: always at inappropriate or bad moments. However, the problem can be solved with certain QR-Codes. Here, the QR-Code replaces or supplements the traditional doorbell.

How does it work?

When the QR-Code gets scanned, the visitor is directed to some kind of chat forum. There they can get in touch with you as a resident. The visitor can then communicate their intentions and you can give them instructions. If it is a friend or family member, for example, you can let them know that they should wait a moment or use a different entrance. If it’s a delivery person, you can tell them where to drop off their delivery at short notice. The most important thing is that the other person cannot see any of your personal data in the chat. No telephone number, no name and no e-mail address is displayed, so everything remains completely anonymous.

How do I install the QR-Code doorbell?

Depending on whether you want to completely replace the doorbell with the QR-Code or only extend it, there are various options here. The first option is to completely remove the classic doorbell. Instead, you can then hang a sign with the QR-Code in the original place of the doorbell. To make sure that visitors understand the purpose of the code, you should place a message like “ scan to contact resident“ or „scan to ring at house number XY“.

If you want to keep the classic doorbell and only use the chat as a substitute method, this is just as easy. Simply place the QR-Code next to the regular doorbell and you’re done. It also makes sense to write a note for visitors here, for example „Contact the resident“.

Depending on the placement and surface, you can either simply attach the QR-Code as a sticker or embed it in a metal plate, for example.

Use cases

Where can the QR-Code doorbell be usefully integrated? On the one hand, of course, quite classically on the private entrance door. But they can also be useful at the gate of a company building. For example, if it is locked or no employee is on the spot at the moment. In general, they can be used wherever strangers need to enter a building or a room to which they cannot gain access on their own.

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Beispiel-Foto eines QR-Codes an einer Tür-Klingel, um mit dem Bewohner zu kommunizieren.

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