QR-Code business card

A very common use of QR-Codes is the QR-Code business card. Here you can store all relevant contact details in the QR-Code. If a user scans this code, the entire contact is displayed and they can save it directly to the address book of their device with one click. 

We will now introduce you to the two common methods how this feature is being used:

1. Using the QR-Code on a business card. First of all, you create a regular business card in paper format. However, in addition to the normal data, a QR-Code is printed onto the business card. This contains the same data that can be read on the physical card. This offers the advantage that both people with and without a scanning device have access to the data. In addition, users with a scanning device then have the option of saving the read data directly to their address book. This way, users can quickly save the data before the paper card can be misplaced or lost. An example of how the QR-Code could be integrated into the classic business card is shown on the picture below.

2. The QR-Code on its own. But of course you don’t have to print the code on a „real“ business card. You can also use the QR-Code by itself as a contact option. This can be used on product packaging (e.g. with the comment „Contact us here if you have any problems or questions“) or in email signatures. 

Other possibilities? Actually, the QR-Code business card can be distributed everywhere where you want someone to save your contact or have the opportunity to contact you. However, to make sure that the user knows what the code is for, a small note such as „Here you can find contact information“ is always helpful.

What data can I store?

With QR, you can store all the classic contact details in the business card:

  • Name / First name
  • Mobile phone, telephone and fax number
  • Website link
  • E-Mail address
  • Company and activity (position)
  • Address (street, city, postcode, state, country)

 Is there any important information missing? Then feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can add the missing option!

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Beispiel-Foto eines QR-Codes auf einer Visitenkarte.

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