QR-Code for links

A very popular way to use a QR-Code is to attach a link of a website. If a user scans this QR-Code, they will be redirected to the deposited link. However, there are many other linking options besides inserting your own website.

1. The website link

As already mentioned above, a company can, for example, store its company website here. The user will then be forwarded directly to it after scanning.

2. YouTube links

The URL of a YouTube video can be inserted into the code just as easily. Scanning this QR-Code will then open and play the video directly.

3. A Spotify link

This is especially interesting for artists who want to draw more people’s attention to their album, their song or simply their profile in general. When scanning, the user is taken directly to the Spotify app (if available, alternatively to the browser version) and can listen directly to the music there!

4. The social media link

There are many possibilities here. Whether it’s your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or other social media profile: everything can be added. Simply copy the profile link and paste it into the QR-Code-Generator. Users can then access your profile directly, view, like and comment your content, and subscribe to you if they wish.

5. Write an e-mail

With the command mailto:beispiel@mail.de you can encourage users to send you an email. The scan automatically opens the device’s mail programme and your email address is already entered as the recipient. This makes it easier to contact you and prevents typing errors in the email address.

6. Download an app

If you have an app and want to generate more users, you can simply create a QR-Code and insert the link to the app in the App Store, Google Play Store or similar. This way, the user does not have to search for the app and may even download a wrong one. Instead, with just one scan, they can go directly to the app description and the download button.

7 … and so much more

Actually, you can add almost any link. If you are still unsure, just try it out or contact the support for confirmation.

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Beispiel-Foto eines QR-Codes auf einem Plakat an einer Bushaltestelle. QR-Code mit hinterlegtem Link.

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