Why is my QR-Code not working?

Why is my QR-Code not working?

If the QR-Code is not working, there are initially two ways how you can notice this.

1. Possibility:

The QR-Code can be scanned, but it leads to the wrong page. This means that the information that was originally deposited by the creator is not being shown.

In this case, it is probably because the code has been deactivated. This is the circumstance with a dynamic QR-Code, for example, when either the free trial period or the previously paid period has expired. You can easily solve this by logging into the website where the QR-Code has been created and book an extension of the validity there. Usually you will receive an information mail before such a deactivation, so check your mailbox, maybe the operator has tried to contact you.

2. Possibility:

The QR-Code cannot be scanned at all, it is not recognised as such by the device. In this case, you should first check whether the device you are using is even capable of scanning a QR-Code. Even though most smartphones today are able to read QR-Codes directly via the camera app, there are still a few devices which cannot do this. If this has been ensured and the code still cannot be read, the problem must be in the graphics. When printing, always ensure that there is a sufficient colour contrast between the background and the actual QR-Code. In addition, the graphic must not be too blurry or unfocused.  Additonally, the size must also not be too small. Once these errors have been corrected, the QR-Code should be scannable again.

None of this has helped? Then contact the support of the service where the QR-Code was created. If you send them a photo of the QR-Code with a description of the problem, they can usually find out where the error is in a short time and even fix it if necessary.


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