In which formats can the QR-Codes be downloaded?

QR-Codes are often used to print them on materials such as flyers, business cards or product packaging. But in order to print the code at all, it must first be downloaded. What QR-Code formats are available for downloading?

With the QR-Code-Generator by QR, you can currently download your QR-Code in two different formats: as a png or svg file

The first of the two QR-Code formats: the png file. PNG stands for „portable network graphics„. This file type is used for images and it is a pixel file. 

Advantages of a png file:

  • you can compress it entirely without any loss of quality
  • it supports up to 16 million colours, so you can use the exact colours of your corporate design
  • you can make the background transparent. This is advantageous, for example, if you want to place the code on top of an existing design or if you want it to overlap with other parts of the design.

Disadvantages of a png file:

  • tend to be larger files, which take up a lot of memory and load slower
  • you cannot enlarge them endlessly as the image will appear pixelated
  • you cannot animate them

The second QR-Code format: the svg file. SVG stands for „scalable vector graphics„.  This file type is also used for images. In contrast to the png file, however, it is not a pixel file, but paths are saved.

Advantages of an svg file:

  • you can animate them
  • you can enlarge it greatly. There is no loss of quality and no blurring.
  • they have a small file size and therefore take up little storage space
  • You can edit them easily and extensively, both in programmes and, for example, via CSS.

Disadvantages of an svg file:

  • you cannot use it efficiently for photos, it is rather meant for graphics and logos
  • older browsers may have problems displaying them, but you should have no problems with most devices

However, both png and svg are common formats that are very well suited for high-resolution print files. This means that nothing stands in the way of high-quality printing of QR-Codes on advertising materials, for example.

Create your own QR-Code here with our QR-Code-Generator! 

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