What is a QR-Code-Generator?

A QR-Code-Generator is a website on the internet. Usually, those sites are created and operated by companies. Private individuals, on the other hand, rarely operate QR-Code-Generators.

With the help of a QR-Code-Generator, anyone can create their own QR-Code on the internet. There you can also edit and download them in different formats.

The providers also offer various design options

  • change the colour ( a single colour or colour gradients and patterns)
  • change the shape of the entire QR-Code (square, star, heart, fir tree,…)
  • change the shape of the individual pixels (square, round, hexagon,…)
  • add your own logo for personalisation

The possible functions which you can trigger with a QR-Code also vary depending on the provider. Here are some examples:

  • Website link
  • View and save a digital business card
  • Open the menu of a restaurant or café
  • Provide information about a product
  • and much more

In addition, dynamic QR-Codes usually offer the possibility of viewing statistics on the scans that have been performed, if an account has been created. These provide the creator with information about when and where the QR-Code has been scanned most commonly. They also provide some information about the user (= person who scanned the code), such as the language of the device or the operating system. From this, it can be concluded which origin most customers come from and which income class they might belong to (IOS users, for example, tend to be in a higher income class).

Registration is mandatory for some providers, but others do not require it at all. Depending on whether a static or dynamic QR-Code is to be created, the user may also face costs.

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