QR-Code for easter marketing

Everyone has realised by now that QR-Codes are almost indispensable for companies these days. But have you ever thought about how a QR-Code can help your marketing on holidays like Easter?


QR-Codes on Easter cards: 

Send greeting cards with a QR-Code to your customers for the holiday. When scanned, the customer can, for example, be directed to a special Easter offer or simply a funny video.

QR-Codes on Easter eggs: 

Decorate Easter eggs with QR-Codes that lead to a competition, special offer or just your online shop. This creative measure will arouse the interest and curiosity of your customers.

QR-Codes on Easter posters: 

Design Easter posters for outdoor advertising and provide them with QR-Codes. With just a single scan, prospective customers can be taken directly to your website or the featured offer / product.

QR-Codes on packaging: 

You want to make your products look a little festive for Easter but still don’t want to turn the entire packaging design upside down? Then simply add a QR-Code to the normal packaging, possibly with small elements designed to match the festive season. The QR-Code can then lead directly to your special Easter offer or to an Easter competition, for example.

QR-Codes for allergens: 

There are always special treats to go with the festive season. But especially people with intolerances or, for example, vegan diets often have problems recognising which foods are edible for them. Therefore, you can easily label your seasonal items with a QR-Code, which, when scanned, informs you about which ingredients are present and which intolerances might occur.

QR-Codes for social media: 

Do you post regularly on social media and are easily reachable but your clientele has hardly found you there yet? Then create a post especially for Easter and link it via a QR-Code to your current catalogues or promotional items, for example. This way you can cleverly combine two marketing measures and also give the „normal“ print product the Easter touch at the same time.

QR-Codes for the Easter egg hunt: 

Do you organise or are you part of an Easter egg hunt in your region? Then use the QR-Code to share more specific information about the event, such as time and place, and let interested parties register as participants for the hunt directly via the QR-Code!

QR-Codes for opening hours: 

Special or different opening hours on public holidays can also be disseminated via QR-Codes.


Of course, the measures mentioned are not only useful at Easter; in principle, they can be adapted and applied to any occasion. Moreover, this is only a selection of possibilities, there are many more options for how QR-Codes can support your marketing.

Just try it yourself and create your own dynamic QR-Codes today!

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