QR-Codes marketing - how do I use the codes for my marketing strategy?

QR-Codes are a useful way to draw customers‘ attention to digital content or experiences. They can be easily scanned from printed promotional materials such as posters or flyers to smartphones and lead directly to a landing page or mobile website. This article presents some ideas on how a QR-Code can be used in marketing.

Possible applications:
  • One way QR-Codes can be used in marketing is to direct users to a landing page. This landing page can contain information about the company or the products it offers. This way, customers can go from printed promotional materials directly to the website, where they can get more comprehensive information about the company and its offerings.
  • QR -Codes can also be used to lead customers to interactive experiences. To do this, you can create a mobile website where your customers can take a quiz or play a game, for example. This type of activity can help keep customers engaged with the company and its products for longer. This way, they can develop a more positive attitude towards you.
  • Another way to use QR-Codes in marketing is to distribute offers and coupons. For this purpose, QR-Codes can be used on posters or in emails. There, customers are encouraged to scan them with their smartphone. This way, they receive the offer or coupon. This can be a great way to reward customers or encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Another idea is to collect customer feedback. QR -Codes can be used to invite customers to give their feedback by directing them to a web page where a form can be filled out. This can help the company better understand customers‘ opinions and needs and improve its products and services accordingly.


There are many more ways you can use QR-Codes in marketing. It’s worth spending a little time thinking about how QR-Codes could be useful for your business. Then, a strategy can be developed accordingly.

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