QR-Codes to gather feedback and reviews

Getting feedback and reviews from customers can be very difficult and tedious. Most of the time, customers only rate when they notice something negative. Especially when it takes a long time to find a feedback option, customers do not want to make the effort and share their positive experience. Yet reviews are so important! This problem can be solved with the QR-Code for feedback!

How does it work? 

You simply create a QR-Code with the help of a QR-Code-Generator. Now you have two possibilities on how to collect feedback or reviews with the code:

1. Option: you attach a link, e.g. your Google Business profile, to the QR-Code. If a user scans the code, they get transferred directly to the review page and can share their experience with other users. 

2. Option: you create a survey, e.g. with Google Forms, and store it in the QR-Code. The user now is taken directly to the survey with a scan and can answer your questions about their experience and feedback. However, these results are only visible to you and not to other users. This method is therefore more useful when you are thinking about how to optimise your offer or service.

Why do I need reviews at all?

Firstly, many customers search for your company online before they buy from you, visit you or book an appointment. There, they orientate themselves on the experiences and reports of other customers in order to be able to judge the company in advance. If your company has hardly any or only bad reviews, it will quickly appear dubious and not trustworthy. The customer will then tend to choose another provider. Therefore, it is important that you try to collect as much (positive) feedback as possible. In addition, the feedback also provides you as an entrepreneur with orientation, as you can see in which areas there is still room for improvement.

And where can I best apply the QR-Code for feedback?

In order to receive as many reviews and feedback as possible, you should provide the code directly to the customer. They should not have to spend hours looking for a review option. Possible options would be:

  • Placing the QR-Code on product packaging
  • Putting the QR-Code on shopping bags (in shops)
  • Sending the QR-Code via email after an order has been completed (online shop)
  • Distributing flyers with the QR-Code to customers (in retail shops / on-site services)

But there are many more places to insert a feedback QR-Code, just try out where it works best for you.

Create your own QR-Code here with our QR-Code-Generator!

Beispiel-Foto eines QR-Codes auf einer Verpackung zur Sammlung von Feedback und Rezensionen.

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