What can I store in my QR-Code?

Currently, the QR-Code-Generator by QR offers 5 different possibilities of what can be accessed through the QR-Code.

A link
  • By scanning the QR-Code, a link can be opened. This can simply be a website as well as a YouTube, Spotify or social media link. It is only important that this link begins with http:// or https:// to ensure security.
E-Mail address
  • The website link field can be used to open the email programme with the command mailto:beispiel@mail.de. If the user then scans the QR-Code, they will be taken directly to their e-mail programme, where your deposited e-mail address is already entered as the recipient. This way, they can contact you quickly and easily.
Displaying your own text
  • Here you can enter a text, such as customer information, opening hours or a price list, which is then called up by the scan. This way, the information does not have to be printed for each customer, but can be called up independently.
Displaying your own file
  • A file can be uploaded here, which is then called up during scans. This can be a PDF, an image, a Word file or any other document format. It is popular here, for example, for restaurants to store their menu or for companies to display their product portfolio. Again, it offers the advantage that the file does not have to be made available in printed format.
The business card
  • All the usual fields of a business card can be filled in here. These include, for example, name, address, contact details (telephone, e-mail), company and website. If the QR-Code is scanned, the information can be displayed and saved as a contact directly on the device with one click. This way, the customer has the data directly saved and does not risk losing the business card in paper format.

Further QR possibilities, such as a social media QR-Code with an overview of all channels, are already in the pipeline. Suggestions and ideas are welcome to support@qr.de.


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