QR-Code in color - which possibilities are there?

Yes, QR-Codes can actually be a different color, although most QR-Codes are black and white. A QR-Code consists of small black and white fields that are put together to store and transmit information. However, the color of the fields does not determine the functionality of the QR-Code.

Why should you change the color of the QR-Code?
  • There are several reasons why some QR-Codes have different colors. One of the main reasons is design. Often QR-Codes are used in marketing materials or on posters. Many companies want their QR-Codes to fit better with the overall image of their brand. For this reason, some QR-Codes have different pixel and background colors or inset designs.
  • Another reason QR-Codes may have different colors is because printing companies who print them on certain materials. For example, a QR-Code could be printed on a transparent sticker, which would cause it to appear in color.
  • There are also special QR-Codes that are designed for outdoor use and are therefore colored. These QR-Codes are more readable when laid out in direct sunlight, as they are less affected by reflections.
  • Another factor that can affect the color of QR-Codes is the fact that some QR-Code scanners can only recognize certain colors. There are QR-Code scanners that are tuned to specific colors, such as green or red, and therefore can only read codes that are printed in those colors.

So there are many reasons why QR-Codes may have different colors. Although most QR-Codes are black and white, there are also many QR-Codes in other colors designed for specific purposes. However, the color of a QR-Code does not affect its functionality and ability to store and transmit information.


How can I change the color?

To change the color of a QR-Code, there are several methods:

  • Use a QR-Code-Generator that allows you to customize the colors of the QR-Code. There are many such tools available online that allow you to change the colors of the fields of the QR-Code and even the background image.
  • Using an image editing app. Use a software that allows you to edit images (for example Photoshop). There you can also adjust the color of the individual parts or the background of the QR-Code according to your wishes.

Note, however, that the contrast between the color of the code and the background must be relatively high. Otherwise, scanners can no longer recognize the code and it becomes unusable.


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QR-Code in colour green

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